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custom artwork.

Introducing the Print Shop by Amanda Wose: a curated collection of images from my favorite places, designed for your home.

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My dear clients have taken me around the globe documenting their love stories and most treasured places. Now, it's my turn to share those places with you! The print shop features beloved locales, from home in southern Maryland to across the world. 

This little shop has been a dream years in the making. From planning the trips themselves, thousands of steps walked in foreign lands to create the images, rising before the sun or strolling through Paris at midnight - I invite you to see the world through my eyes and enjoy these pieces in your own home. 

Signs that the Print Shop was made for you:

Signs the Print Shop was made for you:


Your family is changing quickly. If your children are young or your family isn't complete, investing in family portraits that will need to be replaced soon might not be a great idea. 


You've got a case of wanderlust. Ready to feel transported? A statement travel piece displayed in your home will add a modern, discerning feel.


You value a cohesive aesthetic and unique artwork. Cookie-cutter wall art from the big box store doesn't cut it for you! Instead, you're excited to invest in custom artwork from a local artist.


Here's How It Works

step one

Scroll the Gallery

The Print Shop gallery contains 50+ images to choose from. Southern Maryland and DC are heavily represented, as well as places I've visited on my travels over the years including Mexico, the West Coast, and Europe.

step two

Choose Your Art

Click on your selected image(s) to view purchasing options. We offer matted and framed prints, in your choice of four different frame finishes.
Already have a frame? No problem! Loose prints are available for purchase as well. Sizing ranges from 8x10" to 40x60".

step three

Install & Enjoy!

Framed artwork arrives ready to install. We recommend choosing high traffic locations in your home to display your artwork, so that you and your guests can enjoy it daily.

The perfect artwork solution for young and growing families.

As a mom of three, I've often found myself frustrated and overwhelmed about how to decorate our home. I deeply value family portraiture (of course!), but with the kids constantly growing, it never made much sense to invest hundreds of dollars in wall art when they'd look totally different the next year.

Now, we preserve our family portraits in albums and smaller desk prints, and use my travel work to decorate our walls! This is such a better solution for us, and I can decorate with the confidence that these pieces will remain fresh and current for years to come.

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Save 20% on your Print Shop purchase during our launch event. Sale ends 11/25/23.


Frequently Asked Questions

What size of artwork should I purchase for my home?

These pieces were intended to make a statement! With that in mind, I always say the bigger, the better. 30x40" is ideal for high impact vertical spaces, such as above a mantel or in a foyer. For a horizontal space, such as above a couch or bed, consider two or three coordinated 20x30" pieces. As a "filler" piece in an existing gallery wall, an 11x14" will be a great fit. For a tabletop or shelf, go with an 8x10".

Can we purchase just the digital file so that we can print on our own?

Digital files from the Print Shop are not for sale at this time. This is to maintain quality control over the final artwork pieces and exclusivity of my work.

Which frame should I choose? It's so hard to decide!

I understand, and that's why I've limited the Print Shop frame finishes to just the best of the best so that it's not such an overwhelming decision. When selecting your frame color, I recommend thinking about what complements the room you're decorating, as well as the image itself. 

I want to create an entire gallery wall / decorate the whole house! Can you help?

Absolutely! I'm so thrilled and flattered that you want to fill your home with my work - it means the world to me. I do offer bespoke design services and preferred pricing on custom orders over $2500. Contact me directly for more details and to schedule a complimentary consultation.


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Head to the Print Shop to begin filling your home with locally sourced, one-of-a-kind artwork pieces you'll love forever. I can't wait to see what you choose!